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Appetizers with cod

  • Cod puffs
  • House salad
  • Smoked cod carpaccio with vinaigrette sauce
  • 'Piquillo' peppers stuffed with creamed cod
  • Cod croquettes with wild mushrooms
  • Cod patties with a cream of prawn sauce
  • Cod-balls with a sauce of raisins and pine kernels
  • 'Esqueixada' (cod, sweet peppers, tomatoes, onions & olives)
  • 'Empedrat' of cod, white beans, tomatoes, onions, sweet peppers
  • Cod cannelloni on a bed of creamed grilled vegetables
  • Esgarradet (cod with grilled vegetables)
  • Salad with cod liver
  • Brandada ( creamed cod)

Appetizer without cod

  • Asparagus tips served with mayonnaise
  • Garden salad with tuna fish
  • Garden salad with smoked salmon
  • Salad of tomatoes and grilled goat cheese.
  • Shrimp and rock fish terrine with salad
  • Cannelloni with cream sauce of onions and cheese
  • Stuffed 'piquillo' peppers served Zarautz style
  • Grilled vegetables ( escalivada) with anchoves

Main Course with cod

  • Cod in the style of L'Hort del Rector
  • Fried cod with white beans and sweet paprika
  • Cod 'a la Biscayan'
  • Cod 'a la Ampordanesa' with raisins, prunes and pine kernels
  • Cod with cream sauce of onions and cheese
  • Cod with tomato 'marmelade' and herb sauce
  • Cod on a bed of spinach and honey
  • Cod with cream sauce of rochefort cheese and nuts
  • Cod with prawns and grilled alioli
  • Cod with stewed vegetables (ratatouille)
  • Cod grandmother's style
  • Cod with garlic muleteer style
  • Cod with garlic & white beans muleteer style.
  • Boiled cod served with alioli
  • Fried cod with garlic
  • Cod with cream sauce of truffles
  • Cod with cream of honey and mustard sauce
  • Cod with escargots in sauce

Main Course withoud cod

  • Salt and pepper sausage
  • Sausage of mushrooms
  • Breaded pork loin with fries
  • Roasted pork cheek
  • Duck 'magret' with coulis of wild berries
  • Duck confit with sweet and sour sauce
  • Veal striploin
  • Veal tenderloin
  • Monkfish with garlic and shrimp


  • Vanilla 'biscuit' ice cream with hot chocolate sauce
  • Figues cooked in red wine served with figue 'biscuit'
  • Natural pressed orange juice
  • Roll of vanilla & chocolate ice-cream rolled in almonds
  • Sorbets of the day ( mango, apple or lemon)
  • Fresh goat cheese ( recuit) served with honey
  • Fresh goat cheese with figues cooked in red wine
  • Strawberry-cheesecake ice cream
  • Vanilla or chocolate ice-cream
  • Chocolate truffles on whipped cream
  • Warm chocolate coulant topped with vanilla ice-cream
  • Irish coffee
  • Dried fruits and nuts served with moscatel wine